That space between your legs…

You know what I’m talking about. Looking at myself in the mirror, I am starting to see space between my legs!! They are not touching as much! Less chaffing! haha!

My legs are one of the few body parts that I feel are really starting to take shape. I can see how the muscle is developing and the fat is coming off. I’ve got less bumps and more definition.

Squats were probably my LEAST favorite movement to learn because I struggled to pick up the proper form but now that I pretty much have it down, I really love squats. I love feeling the burn in my legs and butt the next day!

Anyway, yesterday’s training session wasn’t the greatest but at least I showed up. I wasn’t very strong and I didn’t have a lot of energy but I still did the lifts and the cardio. That’s half the battle, right?

I hope today’s workout goes better later.

Oh in case you were wondering, my current training schedule is: 

  • Monday: Push Day (Squats, Overhead Press, Flat Bench plus 30-40mins cardio)
  • Tuesday: Pull Day (Deadlifts, pull downs, cable rows plus 30-40mins cardio)
  • Wednesday: 40-50mins cardio
  • Thursday: Push Day
  • Friday: Pull Day
  • Off Saturday and Sunday

My meals are also pretty structured but I’ll get into my meal plan progress later…



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